Bangalore Weekend Break, Weekend Break Bangalore At Bandipur Resort Facilities

Bangalore The Wind Flower including Weekend Break At Bangalore.
Float on your back in the pool, gazing up at the clouds, and reconnect with your loved ones by the bonfire. We, at the Windflower Tusker Trails Bandipur, try to offer you every facility to make your stay here as comfortable and harmonious with nature as possible. But do remind yourself that you are in the middle of the forest and take advantage of every waking minute spent here.

The Windflower Tusker Trails is a jungle retreat, located very close to the Bandipur Forest Reserve. In order to preserve the sanctity of the jungle environment and to maintain the delicate balance of the forest eco system, we do not have televisions in the rooms and we cannot guarantee mobile phone or internet connectivity at the resort. We request our guests to respect the jungle environment.
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