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The Windflower Coorg
The sun's first rays filter through your huge bay window. Grab a steaming mug of Coorg's finest coffee and homemade cookies, and treat your eyes to a shock of green, shrouded in delicate mist behind your curtains. Spot shapes in the cotton-candy clouds in your open-to-sky Jacuzzi. And awaken to your new home at the Windflower Coorg.

44 massive rooms spread over 25 acres of a lush coffee estate in one of the world's 34 remaining biodiversity hotspots. An infinity pool entwined around towering teak and rosewood trees. Rough road jeep rides, hot oil massages, gravity cycling and hydrotherapy. The tranquility, the hospitality and the surprises never end at the Windflower Coorg. Come, take advantage.
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