Zipline & Rope activities (Charges apply)

Who dares wins !! With an array of rope based activities our partner located within the resort provides for an unforgettable experience. The feeling of dangling over a vast green valley on a line and making your way through on the various challenges is an adrenaline rush.

Plantation Walk

A scheduled activity where in our in house naturalist shall take you through the hidden trails in our plantation in a showcase of a varied flora and fauna. touch and feel the plants and be a part of the historical tradition of plantations.

Jeep ride and waterfall visit (Charges apply)

A seasonal activity which entails a short drive in an open jeep toward a flowing water way making its way through high rocks and green valleys. A peaceful and charming experience.

Visit to Abbey Falls

Abbey Falls is a part of the early reaches of the river Kaveri. Flow is much higher during the monsoon season. The waterfall is located between private coffee plantations with stocky coffee bushes and spice estates with trees entwined with pepper vines. A hanging bridge constructed just opposite the falls. The falls was earlier called Jessi falls, named after a British officer's wife. However, the place was a thick jungle area back then. Years later, the waterfall was discovered by Mr. Neravanda B.Nanaiah who bought the place from the government and converted it into a coffee and spices plantation that surrounds the waterfall today.

Visit to Dubare Elephant Camp

The Karnataka Forest Department has about 150 elephants in various camps throughout the state and Dubare has always been an historically important camp. The elephants for the famous Mysore Dassehra festival were trained at the Dubare elephant camp. The elephants in the Dubare Camp are now used to provide the tourists with 'an intimate experience with elephants'. Here, a visitor can spend hours simply watching the elephants and of course, learning more about them. A trained naturalist/expert is at hand to explain the various aspects of elephant history, ecology and biology. The visitor can not only observe and learn but also participate in various activities involving these elephants.

Raja’s Seat – Mystical views and cottony clouds

With mesmerizing gardens and an awe-inspiring backdrop it is little wonder that this was a favourite spot for the great kings of Kodagu. Stroll past flower beds set beneath towering trees and take a ride around the park on the toy train at the Raja’s Seat. Stand under the thick, stone arches of the pavilion and relish views of the rolling mountains that stretch out beneath you. Unwind in the serene haven of Raja’s Seat and rest your legs at one of the benches positioned in the shade of several old oak trees. Breathe in the fragrant scents that emit from tropical plants and study intricate bonsai trees. Make your way along winding paths and you will also discover fountains that play gentle rhythmic music as they throw coloured water high up into the sky. Children will love the toy train that slowly travels around the garden. This offers an exciting and novel way to enjoy the flowers and trees that are on show. The train runs throughout the day and trips last approximately 10 minutes. You will not struggle to find the Raja’s Seat, the structure that stands proudly above the shaped fauna and flowerbeds of the garden. This is where the kings of the Kodagu region in southern India would come with their wives to enjoy peace and tranquility. As you approach the seat, marvel at the orange tiled roof and lined patterning around the top of this white stone pavilion. Enter through the arches that cover all four sides of the structure and take in the spectacular scenery. At 3,668 feet (1,118 meters) above sea level you can look for miles across the green hills and lush valleys that surround Madikeri. For the best views, come early in the morning or just before sunset. Raja’s Seat is a short walk from the middle of town and it is open all week. There is a small admission fee and additional charge to ride on the toy train.

Bylakuppe – A cultural delight

Bylakuppe comprises of two Tibetan refugee settlements that were setup in 1961 and 1969 respectively and has now grown into a full-fledged town housing the largest Tibetan population outside of Dharamsala in India. It is about 6 kilometres from the twin town of Kushalanagara and is home to the magnificent Namdroling Monastery or Golden Temple. Namdroling Monastery is the largest teaching centre of Nyingmapa, a lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, in the world, and houses over five thousand monks and nuns. The town is a delight to visit during festivals such as the Tibetan New Year (Losar), which is celebrated with much fervour at the monastery. The Golden Temple, which is a popular tourist attraction, has three resplendent golden statues of Buddha Shakyamuni, Padmasambhava and the Buddha Amitayus.

Harangi dam and backwaters

Located near Hudgur village in the Kodagu district of Karnataka, the Harangi Dam is a massive and impressive structure. The reservoir is built across a tributary of the River Kaveri and is formed by a masonry dam across the river Harangi. This was the first dam to be built across the River Kaveri or Cauvery. When this reservoir is fully filled with water, it is at its beautiful best. The Harangi Dam is widely popular as a wonderful picnic spot where people come to enjoy the natural beauty and the serenity and to have fun with their loved ones. The river Harangi originates at the Pushpagiri Hills of the Western Ghats. The catchment receives heavy rains from the South- West monsoons. This catchment area extends up to an area of 717 sq. km. The reservoir is completely filled with water from August to September and this is undoubtedly the best time to visit it if you want to enjoy the scenic beauty. The dam itself is 2775 feet long and 174 feet high and covers a massive area. It is only 6 km away from Kushalnagar and is yet so close to nature and serenity. The Harangi Dam which is around 36 km away from Madikeri is devoid of any noise or people and you can feel the gentle cool breeze. The calmness and the beauty are truly treasured here. Usually, only a few tourists are at this place at any point of time. The backwaters offer a simply breath taking view. Tourists can also visit the nearby Cauvery Temple and the Kudige Dairy farm. Short walks along the designated paths offer a lot of peace and a wonderful way to get some fresh air.

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